How To Always Be Right

"We believe we've finally identified the source."
“We believe we’ve finally identified the source.”

Researchers at Wreal University have just discovered what may prove to be the biggest break-through in the science of petty squabble history: the “Rightness Factor”

Finally, couples engaged in bitter rivalries, with quarrels spanning the length of several days can put an end to their disagreements once and for all.

Up until now, there has been no known way of measuring who really was incontestably correct. Couples have had to instead rely on measures such as the “He-Said, She-Said” method.

“The He-Said-She-Said method of debate has always been the default for disagreeing partners in the past,” explains researcher Max Perplexus, “but it had the weakness of never really delivering any concrete verdict. Basically this previous model would create an infinite loop of what one partner believed to be true, versus what the contradicting opinion was. This would render any argument unsolvable. In cases where both parties rank equally on the stubborn scale, consequences can be disastrous, leading to brutalities like the silent treatment and even break-ups.”

So what is this spectacular finding? Much investigation still has to go into this Rightness Factor, but scientists have now, at long last, identified the source of this vital element. What our esteemed researchers do now know?

“It seems to be exclusive to the female species.”


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