Local Artist Almost Sells Painting

"Any day now."
“Any day now.”

Late last night at a popular downtown coffee shop, well known for its free-trade brews and tattooed baristas, local artist Jad Duncan almost had the sale of a lifetime. When new-to-towners Angela and Brad came in to try the much talked about gluten-free cinnamon scones, they reportedly spent well over three minutes perusing the latest pieces of Duncan’s collection which hang somewhat obtrusively on the exposed brick walls of the establishment.

“They were definitely interested,” says Jad, who stealthily watched the couple from behind a copy of Rant Magazine, the local indie free-press. “While they waited for their espressos, I could see them murmuring things to each other and the woman gestured at least once to one of the paintings.”

The self-proclaimed “neoclassic-expressionist” debut his series of acrylic representations of 80’s sitcom propaganda  only three short weeks ago, and has since been spotted with a laptop sitting in a dark corner of the cafe every night sipping the complementary lemon water offered by the establishment for hours on end.

Said one barista, “Sometimes he will buy a small coffee, and then we know he’s going to be at the table for at least 6 hours.”

To date, Duncan has sold zero paintings, but is allegedly “really focusing more on his writing now anyway” and should have his screenplay finished “any day now”.


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